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Dress Your Age: Style Tips For Men Over 50
There is a good chance that if you are reading this article you're probably reaching the top of your fifty-year-old years. Whatever age you get, dressing for your age, or even knowing how to dress is always a challenge for men. Don't become one of the guys who let his style slides when entering into big 50s. However, there's no standard rules regarding what men should wear, but style for older men as compared to younger is pretty different. Although you're younger at heart and would like to wear those bomber jackets, the leather coats and skinny T shirts etc but, do they merit to wear at a later age. A big NO! Most importantly, the key to dressing for those over 50 is to wear clothes that fit right. Clothes that flatter makes them look older. Take a look through your array and choose the outfits which are comfortable to wear - you not just appear attractive in them, but they are also at ease no matter what kind of occasion you are going for. If you take a look at the title "style tips for men over 50", the article doesn't sound very promising, however here we are enlisting some of the best ideas for of how an older man can be noticed by their fashion choices. Some style basics for our older generation: Style stays, Fashion fades. Instead of following the latest fashions for men, those of a younger old age should be sticking to a general look in which they feel hoodies comfortable. For instance, if, for example, you feel good in a Blazer- Jeans pair, stick to your style and don't make changes simply because you're growing. In the accessories department, a delicately pattern-based tie is ideal for a man in mid-life. Lastly, White running shoes are not recommended for people who are elderly except when they're out running. In that case, they could prefer black or dark hues Nike. Style do's and don'ts for us oldies: Slim Jeans However thin, it is best to ignore those slim fitted jeans. You are not a singer or a performer from Green day; You will be a sloppy mess wearing those tight pants. Logo/ Graphic Printed T-shirts: After a certain age, say 50, anything that is prominently displayed on your chest, can make you appear desperate, so stay clear of it. Hoodies: The big no to all the oldies. Long Hair: If you are losing your hair, any style that is longer than 1/2 inches isn't suitable. blue Jeans with running sneakers:This is my personal dislike. If you are out for running, wear running shoes and if you are working, put on some professional shoes. So, let's take a look at some fashion tips for looking best in 50s. These are the ones you should know: Keep your style colour-blocked It's not a requirement that you have to eliminate all colors from your wardrobe , but opt for neutral tones. Try to avoid the bright acid colours and pastel shades and go for classic shades like camel, light grey forest green, navy blue or dark red. If you're hair that is grey, wearing all grey clothes will look fabulous. This is the preferred professional look for offices. Say goodbye to your shorts and cargo pants The majority of you will be thinking that this is obvious, but it's a matter of repetitionand no cargos ever. While they're comfy and convenient, think about all those pockets that can come handy, but they're not for big daddies. Make white t-shirts your usual wear In the past, anything in white can be stylish. You can carry an unisex white shirt on any occasion but make sure it's in good state, that is, cleaned, ironed and properly folded. If not, you'll look like just slipping off the your bed. Be assured that this is not appropriate for a shrewd elderly man. Be aware of your body's shape and stick to a particular fitting Certain men are fortunate enough to fit effortlessly in those store-bought suits However, the majority of these men are extremely rare. If you're not one of those fortunate ones make sure you do yourself a favor and have your baggy pants and suits hemmed and cuffed properly. Ill-fitted clothes are not at all beneficial to you and will show off the signs of aging. Choose clothes that fit right and look like you're a millionaire. Don't put on denim on denim This is an all-time trend for hipsters of the younger generation but for those over 50s, it's a absolutely no. If you're wearing jeans, then go to a casual button down and wear a basic T-shirt to top it. A mix of denim and Chambray tops with tanned brown Chinos is always best for people who are over 50. Denim jackets with any blue-colored jeans shouldn't be worn on any occasion.

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