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Corrupted Life
There isn't any specific definition of corruption as each person has their own interpretation and we all have an intellectual willingness to consider it in accordance with our individual intellectual level. It is my belief that the corruption word itself is corrupted because of that we are unable to come up with an proper definition for it. To me, "Corruption is the devastation of someone's faithfulness through improper mean, like by giving up bribery or using an influential power to attain goals. Corruption means to ditch a grave of our values, integration and dignity." The truth is that all countries are its targets We all need to encounter this phrase at some point throughout our daily lives. In recent times the word has created a new reality Healthcare Corruption and Fraud to our lives. As the years pass and corruption is growing even as the government and its leaders attempt to curb it However, the fact can't be altered, as it's an extremely difficult nut to crack. Corruption. Governments, just to private benefit, are able to misuse the country's assets without realizing that they've been given certain responsibilities to care of their nation like mothers do. We are like children of our nation, but the corrupted behave like our step-mother, separating people from rights that we are entitled to. Furthermore, not just authorities, but also the most powerful elites use their power to achieve the results that they would like to see happen because of their power as supreme. It's evident that if a nation is corrupt, the whole nation is likely to be corrupted. Corruption isn't just a problem in the government, but it is the cause behind every wrongdoing in the private sector too. My life has been destroyed by corruption and many others have been affected by corruption in their lives. In reality, corruption is happening everywhere and all of the world is in a state of corruption. This is not only commonplace in the elite societies however, it's a matter of concern to every society, nation and nations. If someone claims that corruption has stopped any more in their country I'd have an concern, since corruption is a continuous and unending process. If it comes to an end at one end and then it starts its next cycle on the other side. Everyone is corrupted the present day world and I am so unfortunate to be a one to be a part of that. My entire life, my hopes and hopes, as well as determination in the past and in the present , have been severely affected by corruption in our country. The dignity of people is being eroded because of this shaming act. I was shocked to see several corrupted persons in my own life. Sometimes I wonder why me to be a part of fighting corruption? Why are we a portion of corruption? Who will hear our pleas, in a world that is corrupt? The reason why corrupt people have ruined our lives? The freedom to live as we did in recent years has been taken away from us. And now the life we wish to live is also governed by corrupted persons. Who will put an end to this? From the specialists in medicine to police officers from the top politicians to the average civil servant, everyone is corrupt in the country. The first time I was a victim of corruption was as soon as my birth. Sure, I was a baby and was unable to judge the world within me. However, my father informed me that as I was just about to enter into the world, the hospital's head requested my father to pay an additional amount of money to take my mother into an extremely bad state, as there was no other nearby hospital that could provide an immediate delivery. My mother was suffering from labor pains, but the hospital's head demanded my father give him more money as a bribe and my family was compelled to become a part of the corruption. At the age of three an old father made the decision to admit me to an excellent English middle school. My admission was denied at a reputable school. The school requested my father to make the school a contribution (which was a novel method of bribe taking) in the amount of 25000 rupees. My father accepted me into the school after he fulfilled the school's request. Otherwise, I'm guessing that I would have been in an elementary school in the local area. I remember vividly that one of my sixth class teachers would always request students to bring her lunch and frequently requested us to inform our mothers to buy gifts to her. I was a shy student, and the concept of corruption not of a mystery to me until now. However, I was certain that my teacher was working on send us black mail. I was fed up with her constant threats. One time, I went to see my Principal , and without considering my future plans I explained the whole story. My parents were called by my Principal and informed my parent that the child was suspicious and pointed out the shortcomings in our respected teacher. But I did make a comment between and made my principal furious. I sounded out my opinion even although I was shy, but not insane to not speak up before the reputable individuals who are an authority in the society however, in reality the real world, they're corrupt. My father was able to handle the incident and warned me to not speak a single word of disrespect to any teacher until the next time. This was for the first time that I felt compelled to explain the true story to my Principal, however I was too late! My principal was corrupted too. The next dayI had been beat by the teacher. I also got the lowest score for her subject. This is the way that threats are delivered whenever someone wishes to raise their voice in any group as no one will admit their mistakes, and no one is willing to change the world. Then, after two years of service, our principal was fired from the ABC board because he was found red-handed accepting a bribe from a person who wanted to admit their child to the school. It's true that, "To reach the highest always start with the lowest." My lowest point was to raise my voice in that critical moment. My first act of retaliation against a crime was not a big hit however, it still is a source of immense satisfaction that I sounded my alarm and God was able to do justice to me. Then, when I was in ninth grade, I was working all day and nights to complete my exam with flying colours. I only scored 81% marks for all subjects, when I had expected the best of all. I visited our Board office, and completed out a form to review my documents. The person at the counter demanded that I could pay at least 10,000 rupees, I would be able to raise my marks by using the process of scrutinizing. He informed me that scrutinizing does not aid me in any point. It's just a formal document to fill out, but the outcome will not be altered. I was also shown a few of his clients, aged around my age and had boosted their scores through bribes. I was shocked. I was labelled as a man was corrupt, since at that time, I was aware what was corruption? I was exiled from there and lost my enthusiasm to study for the following year. Corruption is similar to WHITE Ant, which is certainly destroying our nation of its dignity. Anyway, I was able to boost my self-esteem and did my best in my 10th standard . This year, I had hoped to score high scores. Alas! I received the same result of 81. The news was shocking for me because I learned previously there were students who worked to the max, received the lowest scores on their tests. This is the reality of our educational system, as well as corruption being the main reason for why our nation's education system isn't quite up to par.

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