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7 Steps For Promoting Your MLM Blog
You've created an MLM blog ... great for you! But, unfortunately, there are millions of other people in the world. To make sure that people actually come across the MLM blog and to read it, you must promote it. There are thousands of ways to market your blog, and good bloggers, like the ones on Copyblogger and Problogger, will offer you many resources on how you can promote your blog after having been at it for a while. While you're waiting, when you're first getting started you should follow these seven fundamental steps to follow to market your blog. 1. Get Your MLM Blog to Technorati This is a vital step that will bring you lots of visitors as you continue to post to your blog. Technorati is a renowned search engine that offers content to people who are looking for blogs. "Claiming" your blog on Technorati is simply registering it, and the process is very simple. After your blog is "claim" your blog, Technorati Technorati website will begin spidering as well as indexing the content of your site. This assists people in finding your blog and drive visitors to it. For more detail please visit>>> 2. Submit Select MLM Blogs Posts to the Article Directories If you update your blog regularly (at minimum 4-7 times per week) Then you're likely to have several posts. Some of them will be brief ones with links to useful MLM sources while others could be what are called "pillar" posts-longer posts that contain a rich content. When you've written a brilliant post for a pillar, send it to one or more directories for publication. Ezinearticles is the most effective article directory driving traffic to your blog. Be sure to include the link to your website in your resource box. 3. Tweet Your Really Cool MLM Blog Posts You could also tweet Tweets (a 140-character or less blurb) about your pillar posts to Twitter. If you choose to tweet about a certain blog post, ensure to make the blurb interesting or intriguing. For instance, I tweeted about a post (directed towards small-business owners) that said, "What happens if you get hit by a beer truck tomorrow?" The tweet received lots of attention. Also , be sure to include a link to your blog inside your tweet. If the link is too long , you can use an application like TinyURL to cut it down (remember that you have only 140 characters per tweet). 4. You can ping your MLM blog One method to notify blog service providers, such as Technorati and Feedburner, that you have a new blog post would be the process of "ping" them. Pings are just the notification you send to blogs that you've got a new post. There are several pinging providers available. Two of my favorites include Pingoat as well as Pingomatic. It's a good idea to have at least two pinging services at your disposable in case one goes down (which is the case from time at). 5. Bookmark Your MLM Blog Posts Social bookmarking sites are an excellent way to spread the message on your blog. Popular bookmarking sites such as Digg as well as Delicious are popular sites where users can share links to content on the internet. Join one or two of these sites and bookmark your most popular blog posts. This makes your blog posts available to people who surf these bookmarking sites and drives visitors to your site. A hint for bookmarking sites: don't just bookmark your own blog posts as well as bookmarks to other stories and sites that you find interesting. This is in line closely with the "give to get principle." If you offer people excellent material (including your own blog) then you'll get visitors to your blog. It may take you some time to search and locate interesting content to save but it'll be well worth your time since you'll, over time establish yourself as an expert in interesting and solid content. 6. Comment on Other Relevant Highly-Ranked Blogs Comments on blogs that are popular is a different way to generate links back to your blog and generate traffic. The first step is to find 5-20 popular blogs that are in your area of expertise or are relevant to your blog. If you author a MLM blog, you want to check out other popular MLM blogs. It's also possible to search for blogs on writing, copywriting, online marketing marketing, blogging small business, and home-based business. For each blog you find you can use a tool like Page Rank Checker to find the page rank of the blog. Choose only blogs that have the page rank of 3 or more. Check out the blogs you have selected regularly and make comments on blog posts that are interesting to you. Making thoughtful comments can increase your visibility online and will also attract new visitors to your own blog. Your blog will be visited by people both because of the link that you leave in your comment back to your blog as well as due to the fact that they'll find your blog's comments intriguing. 7. Post occasional links to Forums in the forums. If you are a member of online forums I highly recommend that you join at least two forums, you can occasionally point at specific blog posts if they are pertinent to the topic being discussed on the forum. For instance, if someone asks a question in the forum regarding article marketing and you've created an extensive collection of blog posts about the topic, it's perfectly appropriate to reply to the question on the forum and point users to your blog posts to get more detailed information. Include your blog's address in your signature whenever you post on forums.

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